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The Doorstep Mile illustration: A lone soul beginning a seemingly long journey away from their isolated house in an empty landscape accompanies the Seth Godin quote "Start small, start now".

The doorstep mile

I love this Norwegian concept of how the hardest part of a journey can be just getting out of the door.

So, sometimes as Seth Godin would say, the most important thing is just to start — start small, start now, step by step, day by day and you can give yourself the chance of making something amazing.

Got something you’ve been meaning to start? Maybe today’s the day?

This sketchplanation is my 104th in consecutive weeks — that’s 2 years of weekly sketches without missing one — and sketchplanation number 583 in total. And I can tell you that it didn’t start glamorously, and they weren’t high quality or even interesting, but I did start. Sketch by sketch. Week by week.

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HT: once again to Chris Hey for introducing me to the doorstep mile

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